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Classic and New Pool Games to Play this Summer

Five people playing inflatable volleyball in a pool

The weather is picking up, the kids are almost out of school, and summer fun is about to begin! If you are looking for some ideas to have fun at your brand new pool this summer, check out these fun games you can play with friends and family. With a mix of casual games and high-energy ones, there will be a game for everyone! 

No Equipment Games  

  • Colors – This game is great for the whole family. The game is simple and goes quickly. One person will stand on the pool’s edge with their back facing the pool. Everyone else will be in the pool with one hand on the edge (everyone will be on the same side). The people in the pool will think of a color from the rainbow and stick to it. The person outside will yell a color, and if it is yours, you have to swim to the other side of the pool. The person standing will then have to jump into the pool and try to tag anyone who is swimming across. If they don’t tag anyone, they will have to go again! The game will continue until someone is tagged or everyone makes it across. If the person yelling the colors doesn’t tag anyone or looks back when no one is swimming, they will have to take one step forward, making it harder for them to tag someone. 
  • Tea Party- Test your ability to hold your breath by having an underwater tea party! Gather everyone in a circle and sink to the bottom of the pool. Once you are at the bottom, have everyone sit crisscross, pretending they have a nice cup of tea in their hand. The first one to go up to catch their breath loses! 
  • Marco Polo- This is another classic that everyone loves! In your group, select one person to be “it.” Whoever this person is will then close their eyes with the goal to tag someone. Whoever is “it” will yell “Marco!” and everyone else will yell “Polo!”. This way, they can find where you are in the pool! Try your best to avoid the person who is “it” by splashing or sneaking around them! If you’re tagged, it’s your turn! 
  • Tag- If you don’t want to keep your eyes closed in the pool, try playing tag! Set up your own rules or boundaries to make it harder. This game can be customized however you like! 
  • Chicken- This will require an even amount of people. In teams of two, one person goes on the shoulders of another. Once set up, the two teams will go head-on to see who can knock off their opponent first. This game can get aggressive, so make sure to be in the middle of the pool to avoid any injuries. 

Sports Related

  • Basketball- Whether you have a built-in basketball net on the perimeter of your pool or an inflatable net in the middle, playing a game of basketball can be a great way to get everyone involved, regardless of age. 
  • Volleyball- Just like basketball, you can set up a volleyball game quite easily. All you really need is a ball. If you have a net, that’s great! If you don’t, you can still play. Using pool noodles or innertubes is an easy way to decipher where the “net” would be. Get your teams situated and have some fun! 
  • Jousting- If you want a head-to-head challenge, try jousting! You will need pool noodles and an innertube or board. Once you are kneeling or sitting on the inner tube or board, take the pool noodles and try to knock off your opponent. If you want a harder challenge, try standing on the innertube or board! Make sure to stay in the middle of the pool to eliminate the risk of hurting yourself. 

Reimagined Games 

These classic games are usually enjoyed on dry land, but over the years, products have been created so that you can now enjoy them in the pool! 

  • Pong- Beer pong is usually played on a table out on land. But now you can get an inflatable version of this online, which allows you to play in the pool. To prevent the chances of spills, use the pool water in the cups instead of beer. If you still want to drink, have your own cup in your hand or on the edge of the pool to sip out of! 
  • Ping Pong- Just like pong, floating ping pong tables have hit the market, allowing you to play in the pool! With the challenge of being in the water, it will be more difficult to quickly move around, making it more difficult but still fun! 
  • Cards- Waterproof and floating cards allow you to play any of your favorite card games in the pool without the worry of them getting ruined.
  • Musical Innertube- This game will require music and some innertubes or floating toys. One person will be in charge of the music while everyone else will be walking around the perimeter of the pool. Make sure there is one less floating item than the number of people. Once the music stops, everyone jumps into the pool, trying to get a floaty. If you end up with no floaty, you’re out! Once one person is out, make sure to take out another floaty, ensuring there is one less floaty per person. The game will continue until there is one winner! 

Summer Fun 

Getting creative and playing a range of these games is a great way to make some of the best memories this summer! Contact Alpha Pools to help you create the pool of your dreams, so no matter your age, you can enjoy these games with family or friends! Ask us about CoverSafe pool covers, so that you can play safely outside of and near your pool as well.  Have fun and stay safe! 

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