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Summer Snacks for Poolside Fun

Fruit skewers and platters poolside with themed palm tree drink holder

The best part about hanging out at the pool is not just the swimming but also the snacks! These poolside snacks are great at keeping the energy going when hanging out with friends and family, making every moment by the water memorable. Add these to your list the next time you go swimming to be a summer hit!

Simple and Easy

These are great options if you want to elevate your snack game in an easy and simple way!

  1. Rainbow Skewers – Instead of putting all your fruit in a baggy and calling it good, make it a cute display by putting them in rainbow order on a skewer. Choose your favorite fruit, and you’ll have a cute and fun way to eat it. Need some ideas? Try using some of these fruits.
    • Red
      • Strawberries
      • Cherries
      • Watermelon
    • Orange
      • Oranges
      • Tangerines
      • Cantaloupe
      • Mango
      • Papaya
    • Yellow
      • Banana
      • Pineapple
      • Star fruit
    • Green
      • Green Apples
      • Green Grapes
      • Kiwi
      • Pear
      • Honeydew
    • Blue
      • Blueberries
      • Blackberries
    • Purple
      • Purple Grapes
  2. Veggie Cups – Veggie cups are a great way to get a proportional number of veggies when looking for a quick snack. Not only are these easy to set up, but they are also an easy way to combine a dipping sauce and veggies into one. The setup is easy. Gather your favorite vegetables, whether carrots, celery, broccoli, red peppers, or anything else, and cut them so they are slim enough to have multiple in a cup. Once cut, add your choice of dressing to the bottom of the cup and fill it with the desired number of vegetables, and you’re set!
  3. Charcuterie Kabobs – Just like fruit skewers these take the mess away and puts your snack on a stick! This allows anyone to eat with one hand, making it easy for clean up too. Using your choice of meat and cheese add them to your kabob and then you’re done! These are fully customizable allowing you full control in how you want them to look and taste, so have fun with it!
  4. Ice Cream Sandwich with a Twist – This is a simple and quick way to take your ice cream sandwiches to the next level. You can prep these before giving them out, or you can make them interactive and let anyone do it themselves. The only things you’ll need are ice cream sandwiches and sprinkles. Choose whatever flavor and color you want! Once you remove the packaging from the sandwich, roll the sandwich in the sprinkles, and you’re done! This is a great way to stay festive during summer holidays and birthdays!

Summer Fun

At the end of the day, there are an endless number of ways to enjoy your snacks when sitting poolside this summer. But the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it. You are out with your friends and family to enjoy the sun outside, so don’t stress too much about it. Reach out to Alpha Pools to create your own pool and snacking oasis!

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