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Pool trends of 2023

2023 Pool Trends

The pool construction industry has also seen a change in trends this year. Let’s play back to 2023 and see a few pool trends that may continue to appear in 2024.

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Blue tarp is covering in-ground pool, protecting it from the elements during off-seasons

Closing Your Pool for the Winter

Closing a pool for the winter may take time and effort, but it’s a necessary process to protect your investment. Proper winterization ensures that your pool remains in excellent condition and is ready for use when the warmer months return.

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Choosing the right pool cover

Choosing the Right Cover for Your Pool

Choosing a proper pool cover is essential for maintaining its cleanliness, safety, and longevity. There are several factors to consider when making this decision, including its purpose, the type of pool you have, where you live, and what your budget is.

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A luxury swimming pool with clearly transparent water and white

The Importance of Pool Lighting

Pool lighting serves a dual purpose, playing a crucial role in enhancing safety and creating an inviting ambiance in your outdoor living space. Whether you’re enjoying a night swim, hosting a poolside gathering, or simply relaxing by the water, strategic pool lighting can make a significant difference.

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