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How to Stay Safe and Correctly Maintain Your Pool During the Summer

Summer Pool Safety and Maintenance

Pool parties, inviting friends over, and the excitement of being able to use your pool regularly again can make it easy to overlook pool maintenance and safety this summer. Alpha Pools USA is here to remind you what safety tips to follow while enjoying the summer around your pool. By helping you keep your pool clean, you will have a healthy, inviting, and refreshing pool every day you want to swim.

Complete Guide on How to Maintain Your Pool

We have created a simple guide on servicing and maintaining your pool. Pools must be adequately cared for to live up to their fun fully! Servicing your pool creates a safer environment for all who enjoy it by maintaining safe acidity levels, removing potentially toxic algae growth, and removing harmful debris that ends up in your pool.

  1. Leaf Skimmer: Use a leaf skimmer to remove any debris from your pool, such as leaves, bugs, and grime.
  2. Vacuuming: The leaf skimmer can only get the debris floating at the surface of your pool. A pool vacuum, however, can remove those unwanted scraps from the bottom of your pool
  3. Check and Clean Water Filter: Gunk and grime can slowly accumulate in your pool filter, so checking and cleaning it every few months is ideal. The best way to clean your pool water filter is through backwashing. Backwashing expels all that built-up gunk so your water filter can filter the pool water better, giving you a cleaner and healthier pool
  4. Check the Pool’s pH Levels: Your pool’s pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6. You can test this with a standard pH test kit. If your pH levels aren’t between 7.2 and 7.6, your pool is either too acidic or not acidic enough. You can adjust the pH levels by pH increase and decrease products, which can be found in most pool supply stores.
  5. Algae Growth: If your pool has algae inside it, do not worry. Your pool can still return to its former glory by using algaecide. However, only use algaecide once your pH levels are balanced (between 7.2 and 7.6). Keep using the algaecide weekly to prevent any possibility of the algae returning.
  6. CoverSafe Pool Covers: Pool covers are an easy, simple solution to prevent debris from damaging your pool. They can also help avert drowning accidents, especially at night when your pool is more challenging to see in the dark. CoverSafe provides the highest-quality pool covers with plenty of options to customize the color of your pool cover!

Don’t Forget About Our Complimentary 6 Week Maintenance Service

At Alpha Pools USA, we service your pool for up to 6 weeks after we’ve built it so you can learn how to maintain it throughout the summer. Once you are comfortable servicing it, we will be comfortable leaving the pool in your hands. Make the most of your pool this summer by not disregarding essential maintenance!

Don’t Let Accidents Interrupt Your Summer Pool Activities

Pool accidents can turn the brightest day of the year into a gloomy overcast for the rest of the summer. Properly following pool safety tips can help you avoid those unfortunate incidents.

Do Not Run on the Edge of Pools: You’ve probably heard this safety tip more than you can count from either lifeguards or your parents, but it bears repeating. Slipping and falling on the edge of your pool can cause drastic head injuries. Always walk around the pool rather than running.

Always have a Chaperone: When kids are in your pool, ensure someone is always watching over them. This will prevent drowning or other pool accidents.

Anti-Entrapment Safety Covers for Pool Drains: Pool drains suck in water and, without an anti-entrapment cover, can create a vortex that sucks in arms or legs into it. This can be extremely dangerous and cause drownings. Anti-entrapment safety covers remove this possibility, creating a safer pool for you and others.

Keep Pool Safety Equipment Nearby: Pool safety equipment such as life jackets, water ring buoys, and throw rope lines should always be near your pool to prepare you for an emergency.

Join in on the Summer Fun

Don’t have an Alpha Pools USA pool yet? Then customize your own to enjoy refreshing relaxation and sunny, fun exercise for future summers. You can check out our process for planning, customizing, and building your pool, or contact us about getting started on your customized pool today!

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