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About Us

Welcome to Alpha Pools USA. We are a passionate team dedicated to transforming your outdoor spaces into refreshing oasis retreats. Alpha Pools USA is locally owned and operated by friends Billy Whirley and Joel Woerl who use their backgrounds and combined experience to create an industry leading pool construction company.

Billy Whirley has spent his professional career in ever increasing roles of responsibility focusing on business management, business development, B2B sales, client development and relationships. Billy has always loved the construction industry as he is naturally gifted with an engineering mindset, with the ability to see a problem before it becomes a problem, and in pool construction that is an invaluable asset for our clients. Billy is a 30+ year resident of the Shenandoah Valley and currently resides in Stephens City with his wife Lisa.

Joel Woerl has over 25 years of experience in the Ready-Mix Concrete and construction industry. Joel has a tremendous amount of experience in business management, concrete design, delivery and business development. Joel had the opportunity to manage operational teams, customer service teams and commercial sales teams during his career. The experience in the concrete and construction industry that Joel has fits very well in a company that builds Gunite /Shotcrete (concrete) in ground swimming pools. Joel has been in the Winchester area since 2008 and currently resides in the city of Boyce located in Clarke County Virginia with his wife Tami.

The team’s combined experience, focus on attention to detail and transparency to our clients are just a few reasons Alpha Pools USA has become our areas pool builder of choice.

Alpha Pools USA Core Values

  1. Overserve/ease to do business with – always going the extra mile! That’s what every client deserves
  2. Overcommunicate – Its our goal to meet or exceed your expectations
  3. Attention to Detail – from design through the construction process we are personally involved to ensure precision and thoroughness
  4. Self-Improvement – We pride ourselves on our customer experience and will always try and find new ways to educate ourselves and improve

Alpha Pools USA uses our Core Values to take things to a new level. Our process is completely turn-key from design through the entire construction process. The NEXT LEVEL comes after the construction is complete, we will fill your new pool with water and show you how to use all the features. Alpha Pools USA includes 6 weeks of service once your pool is complete to ensure you are comfortable caring for it.

Alpha Pools USA believes in the power of water to enrich lives, and we are excited to embark on this journey with you to make your pool dreams a reality. Dive in and explore the possibilities with Billy and Joel at Alpha Pools USA. The smile on your face when we leave is the reason, we do what we do. Contact us today to learn more!

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