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2023 Pool Trends

Pool trends of 2023

The year is quickly coming to an end. Many of us have been involved and even enjoyed many trends throughout the year, from fashion to social media and so much more. The pool construction industry has also seen a change in trends this year. Let’s play back to 2023 and see a few pool trends that may continue to appear in 2024.

Bring in Color with Lights & Tiles

Lighting was a prominent trend in the pool industry this year. The lighting trend offers better visibility to all its guests. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. You could take a quick swim whenever you have the time. Light might be one of the most practical pool trends this year, but one you may not have thought of is the finishing in the pool as well. The finish can change the color of your water in the pool, and this addition was trendy this year. This does not mean hot pink, yellow, or any crazy colors were the staple colors. But if your preference is for a deeper blue, a turquoise pool, or a translucent look, there are different finishes you can do to enhance your desired color.

Non-traditional pool tile colors:

  • If your preference is translucent, you will want to choose a pale blue tile or shades of white.
  • For natural-looking water, use green, tan, or brown colors.
  • If you want a deeper blue for your pool, add a dark blue liner or tile.
  • Turquoise was a popular color this year, and you would add cream or beige to achieve that look.
  • A unique trend was a black interior because it would create a reflective look.


Another significant trend has been the growth in eco-friendly designs. We believe the planet matters, and we see it more often through our customers’ trends, too. As a society, we have put value on you in how we plan and construct the pool to ensure we are more conscious of our environment. This means we have started looking for more energy-efficient solutions such as recycled materials, solar-powered or rechargeable fixtures, and solar covers that keep your water warm instead of heating your pool.

Easy-to-Maintain Pool Shapes

Regarding design trends, we used to value big, extravagant things as a society. Now, we have put simplicity back in control. This year, we saw many people looking for a more minimalist pool and avoiding the oversized pool. The trend of rounded, free-formed edges and huge stones has all left, and now our customers are looking for something a little easier to manage.

Modern Minimalism

Although simplicity is back in, that does not mean the pools are dull and boring. The trend of adding water or fire features has been extremely popular. In 2023, we saw a rise in the number of fireplaces or fire-related fixtures added to the sides of the pools. Waterfalls and added water accessories were very popular, too. The beautiful trend that has added value to many pools this year is the famous tanning ledge, also known as a sun shelf. This can be useful if you want to relax, work on your tan, and just lounge, or if you’re going to play and splash with your kids, you can sit on this and do both.

Unique Pool Depths

The trend that has surprised many pool constructors is the rise in non-standard depth pools. Usually, in a pool, you start from one end to another, going from shallowest to deepest height. The newest non-standard depth trend has changed this, though. A lot of people have requested a change depending on their lifestyle. We can achieve that look if they desire a pool with the edges being the shallowest and the middle being the deepest. Many people who have a family of swimmers tend to request the depth be the same throughout. It is all up to the customer.

Trust the Professionals

Alpha Pools is a team of professionals striving to transform your backyard into the perfect oasis. Your goals are our goals. We have a group with years of experience and would love to bring your vision to life. The pool construction industry has changed a lot in the year 2023. Some trends may stay around for the following year, and some may change, but whatever your vision is, Alpha Pools USA would be honored to be your pool construction company.

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