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Looking to create your backyard dream oasis in Leesburg, VA? Our team of professionals at Alpha Pools USA has been servicing Leesburg and surrounding areas for years! Specializing in hot tubs and in-ground pools, we are knowledgeable, efficient, communicative, and considerate. Alpha Pools USA can help you turn your dream backyard oasis into reality.

Who are we?

Meet the brains behind the operation; Billy Whirley and Joel Woerl. Both are experts in their perspective fields, and together, they make well-rounded leaders. With two accomplished and skilled owners, they can make your dreams a reality.

Billy and Joel, Alpha Pools USA

Billy Whirley

Billy has been a Shenandoah Valley resident for over 30 years but is now living in Stephens City with his wife Lisa. Over his career, he has gained experience in B2B sales, client development/relationships and business management and development.

Joel Woerl

Joel has been in the Winchester area for over 16 years but now lives in the city of Boyce with his wife Tami. During his career, Joel has worked in the Ready-Mix Concrete and construction industry for over 25 years. He also has  experience in concrete design, business management and development and leading customer service teams, Joel has become our Gunite expert.

Core Values

At Alpha Pools USA, we have four main core values that we carry throughout our day-to-day operations. These core values help ensure that we are giving you the best care possible.

Always Going the Extra Mile

We understand that your home is a decision not taken lightly. Which is why we go the extra mile to ensure you are confident and comfortable with us when constructing your pool.

New Pool Construction and Installation Warrenton Virginia
Pool Installation Contractor

Transparency and Communication

To be comfortable and confident about each step taken to create your dream pool, we will be as transparent and communicative through every step of the process.

Attention to Detail

From the beginning to the very end, we will be there to guarantee precision and thoroughness.

Virginia house with pool
Custom Pool Installation Step 1


Taking pride in our customer experience, we continue to learn and improve our individual selves to better serve our customers.

Along with our four core values, we also love to take our service to the next level. After your pool has been completed, we will fill your pool with water and go over the different features and teach you how to use them. Our service doesn’t stop once the project has been completed. We will also provide six weeks of service after your pool has been finalized. This service allows you to get more familiar with your pool and its system so you can operate it confidently.


Dreams to Reality

Your outdoor living space is just as important as your indoor living space. Which is why we understand the importance of being involved and understanding what is going on. With a project as big as a custom pool, it can be overwhelming with all the different steps that need to be taken. Luckily, Alpha Pools USA are experts in making backyard oases. By building pools every year, we have gained tons of experience in all things pool related. With the immense experience that we have, we promise to give you an amazing experience.

New Pool Construction and Installation Warrenton Virginia

Memories to be Made

A pool is more than just a place to cool off during the summer months. It is also a space to celebrate accomplishments, birthdays, holidays and so much more. If you want to build the next hangout spot for you and your family in Leesburg, VA, give us a call and let’s make it happen.  

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